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"When I decided to go into photography as a full time business, I decided I needed a website that offered an efficient and effective way to upload images - Photium provided that solution. An added benefit is that it's simple for me to regularly add other content and news, rather than paying a website manager to do this on my behalf. When I've got stuck on something, customer support answer support requests very quickly to help get me back on my way. Thank you Photium!"
Rod Ireland - rodireland.co.uk
"I contacted some design companies here in Calgary to get quotes on creating a website to showcase my photography. Their prices ranged from $12,000 to $18,000. Yes, that's three zeroes. Then I found Photium and I got exactly what I wanted - a great looking website which I have complete control over and the ability to update and change things whenever I want. And the price is a mere 1% of those original web-designer quotes!"
Dermot O'Kane - dermotokane.com
"I've been using Photium for several years now and I can honestly say that I have never once considered going elsewhere. The continued customer service is second to none and it has never taken longer than a few hours for a response to any queries or technical support that I have needed.
I recently asked if there was a certain feature available that I was unable to find within the wealth of those on offer, it wasn't, but within a day it had been created for me!
If you are a photographer who needs a website that is fully customisable, professional looking, reasonably priced and easy to use, then look no further you won't regret it!"
Paul Morgan - blurredvisionz.com
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